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Golf isn't the only sport where you can show off your brand! Fitness is an industry that always means big business and there are numerous promotional campaigns, which focus on the concept of getting and staying fit. Regardless of the fitness-related product or service you are promoting such as a health drink, a fitness campaign or a fitness club, there are great ideas of promotional items that would do the job well. Here are a couple of those fantastic ideas for promoting products and services related to fitness.

1. Sports Bottles

This is the top choice for promotional items that are given away at sports and fitness related events and campaigns. They are extremely versatile and are available in a great variety of styles and classes so you would definitely be able to get one to complement the image of your company that would be well within the budget you have. There are different materials available as well like aluminum and polycarbonate. Sports bottles used as promotional items would be ideal for leisure and fitness related activities for all ages.

2. Gym Bags or Rucksacks

These would be good as giveaways gifts and promotional items to be distributed at gymnasiums, fitness clubs and schools holding campaigns, which are related to health and fitness.

3. Pedometers

Walking has always been considered as one of those activities that are easy to do yet effective in promoting one’s health and fitness. It has been recently recommended to walk 10,000 steps daily to keep fit. Because of this, pedometers have made their way as the more functional and practical choices for promotional items. You could probably put the name or logo of your organization on the belt loop and voila! You have a unique and fresh way of advertising and marketing the products and services you have. These would also be ideal promotional items for the campaigns initiated by insurance companies, health centers, medical professionals, hospitals and clinics.

4. MP3 Players

MP3 players have been making big appearances at business events of all kinds in the promotion of everything ranging from hair products to automobiles. These gadgets make fantastic incentive and promotional items for sporting clubs, health clubs and other various fitness-centered organizations. Having a music player as you work out is the way to go these days and giving away MP3 players you’re your company name and logo would surely improve your brand awareness and visibility.

5. Stopwatches

Stopwatches have also become one of the more popular and fresh promotional items that would suit health and fitness campaigns well. They could be given as tokens of appreciation for club members or for participants of a fitness event..

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